Cocoa Crack! or HCG Approved Chocolate Delight Recipe…

 Chocolate Delight Recipe (HCG Approved)

Ingredients (Serves 1):

  • 2 Tbs melted coconut oil (in a liquid consistency)
  • 2 Tbs Cocoa Powder (such as Hersheys).
  • Sweetener to taste – liquid or powdered stevia. Plain stevia can be used; however certain flavors of Sweet Leaf brand liquid stevia are very popular including English Toffee, Peppermint and Vanilla Crème.

Fluff the cocoa powder with a fork to break up any clumps. Add the melted coconut oil. Stir until there is a smooth consistency. Add liquid or powdered stevia in varying amounts depending on your preference for bitter or sweet chocolate. Simply taste the mixture and decide if you would like to add more sweetener. Beware that too much stevia can cause a bitter taste.

Pour the liquid mixture into paper baking cups or a small container lined with foil. Place the container in the fridge or freezer. After 20 minutes (less in the freezer) taste your chocolate. If it needs more sweetener simply re-melt the mixture and add additional sweetener if desired.

Single Serving – If you’re worried about keeping your willpower in check, its best to make your Chocolate Delight daily. If you opt to use paper baking cups, the 2 Tbs of coconut oil + 2 Tbs of cocoa powder can be used to make 2 Reese’s Peanut Butter sized chocolate cups by using 2 full size cupcake baking cups (each filled half way). If you prefer bite size chocolate use 4 mini paper baker’s cups.

Large Batch – If you prefer to make a large batch of Chocolate Delight then use 1 cup coconut oil + 1 cup cocoa powder. The mixture can then be poured into several baking cups or into a flexible ice tray (such as a rubber ice tray). After the mixture has frozen solid the bite size chocolate bars can be popped out of the ice tray. However, the chocolate bars need to be kept in the fridge or freezer to prevent the coconut oil from melting at room temperature.

Variations / Substitutions:

Carob Powder – Cocoa powder can be replaced with carob powder, which creates a more alkaline dessert. The pH balance in the body should always be slightly alkaline (more basic, and less acidic). Healthier food choices, such as carob powder, have an alkalizing effect on the body. While less healthy food choices such as cocao powder, have an acidic effect on the body which can have harmful effects on overall health.

Chocolate Amazing Greens – The Amazing Greens brand of supplements help you to achieve your daily dose of alkalizing green vegetables such as wheatgrass.  This chocolate flavored wheatgrass blend is pre-sweetened with stevia. This delicious chocolate powder is so tasty you’d never know its actually healthy!

Chocolate Flavored Protein Powder – You can also add a protein boost to your Chocolate Delight but using your favorite protein powder. Whey protein, pea protein and hemp protein each offer their own health benefits.

Additions – You can get creative with additions to your chocolate delight. For a crunchy consistency add your favorite nuts such as almonds or macadamia nuts. For a fruit chewy consistency add dried Goji Berries, a superfood with amazing health benefits. Nuts or dried berries can be added into the mixture before freezing. You can also add toppings to the chocolate after it has solidified. For the flavor of a homemade peanut butter cup you can add just a small dollop of almond butter or cashew nut butter to the top of the chocolate cup.

  • Not for Phase 2

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